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Worse Than I Thought

Remember how I was looking forward to editing Onyx Sun?  How I didn’t hate it anymore because it wasn’t as bad as I remembered it being and I was really looking forward to smoothing it out and getting it ready to present to others.?

Yeah. So do I.

You know how things are never as good in real life as they are in your imagination?

Yeah.  So do I.

You know how things never work out exactly as planned?

Yeah.  So do I.

The first page of the manuscript is covered in thick black lines deleting stuff, and sticky notes of various sizes and colors that hold re-written sentences (and entire paragraphs).  And in front of page one is a sheet of notebook paper with a completely new opening.

This… is not going as planned.

I’m relatively certain that both the novel and I will survive, and that the novel at least will be the better for it.

But meanwhile, back at the editing ranch…

P.T. screams and tears her hair out.

But at least she’s starting to feel like “a real writer.”



(Image from Writer’s United on FaceBook.)


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