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I Must Be Ill

I’m actually looking forward to starting work on editing The Onyx Sun.

I hadn’t planned on doing any editing this year.  The plan was to just write and try to finish up the first drafts of the (way too many) projects I have started. That’s what my 1K-a-Day Challenge is all about.

But I have missed getting something ready for publication.

Yeah, I know.  Everybody hates editing.  And I…. “Hate” is not a strong enough word for how I feel about formatting for Amazon and Smashwords.

But still…

There is something about editing that appeals to me.

I like focusing on details.  Writing is very “big picture.”  At least, it is for me.

In a first draft I don’t worry too much about word choice – I just leave myself a note to look for a better word later and get on with it. Likewise, I ignore repetition.  Who cares if a character has shaken his head twice in the same paragraph?  Not me, not in a first draft.

And I like seeing it all come together into something that I can share with others.

The Onyx Sun is now printed and in a three ring binder, and tomorrow is a day off from work.  My editing bag and I just might take a walk to the library where I can spread everything out and attack it with paper clips and various colors of pens and highlighters and Sharpies and Post-It Notes.

Unless, of course, I can’t wait that long and take a chapter or two to work with me today…




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