Technical Difficulties

I would have written and posted this before going to bed last night, but, well, it was already 3:00 in the morning and I didn’t think I was overly coherent.

Actually, I would have written this post before I went to work yesterday (it was on my to do list) but… see that blog post title up there?

Yeah.  That.

My computer (not unlike me) is old and cranky.   Unlike me, it can usually be coaxed and babied into cooperating.

Yesterday morning I suddenly had a black screen – nothing but the task bar at the bottom was visible.  It sorted itself out, I went on with what I was doing, got another black screen, followed by the Blue Screen of Death, followed by the computer rebooting itself, followed by a period of cooperation in which I did a panic-induced back up of everything I could before I had to go get ready for work.

Last night I spent over an hour trying to get my browsers to work.  I finally (around 2:30) got it stable enough to do my entry and by then I was so frustrated that as soon as I hit the 750 mark I went to bed. (I still need roughly 200 words before work today to stay on track for my 1K-a-Day challenge)

It’s amazing how dependent we have become on these machines.  All my writing is in this box of electronics.  (Well, okay eight books of The Academy of the Accord series are printed and waiting for me to finish the other four and start editing, but still – who wants to retype all of that from scratch?)

Actually, all of my writing is now in this box of electronics and in a gmail account. (I’m still trying to figure out why I panicked – I email files to myself on a daily basis. so it’s unlikely anything wasn’t already there, but still… That’s how a writer’s mind works. Well, this writer’s mind, anyhow.)

So, what does everyone else do when their computer threatens to destroy all their hard work?

I need to renew Carbonite as soon as I get the money, but what about until then?

I mean, I can keep writing long hand and type it all up another time, but the thought of losing everything else is just… *shudder*



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