Math and Words

Okay, so I am 8000 words behind where I should be, and I’ve become somewhat obsessed by mathematics lately.

I’m kind of like that FaceBook meme about insomnia, where you spend the night calculating how much sleep you would get if you fell asleep right that minute.

I’m 8k behind now.  If I get another 5k written today I’ll only be 3k behind, but I’m working the next 3 days and at 2k words per day that puts me 9k behind by Monday night and 11k behind by Tuesday after midnight, but I can usually get at least 1000 words written on work days so that leaves me at 8k behind on Tuesday…

(Yeah.  It’s confusing.  I made myself a chart to keep track.)

And then I check my math looking for loopholes.

And when I can’t find any I panic.

And I only have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and then the month will be over…

But if I write 5k on Tuesday I’ll be 5k behind on Wednesday and if I do 5k then I’ll be caught up and will only need 2k on Thursday…

Next month’s 1K-a-Day is going to look like a walk in the park.

And you know what the really sad thing is?  Next Camp I’ll be doing the 2k a Day challenge again.   And again in November.

I tell myself that it will be easier when I’m not also doing a poem a day.

It’s either that or I have to believe that I’m a masochist.



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