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Sometimes You Just Need To Take A Break

So, as I was going to bed at 1:30 this morning I had an awful thought:

“Oh, hell, it’s Monday.”

Now, considering that Monday is my Friday, that shouldn’t have been a bad thing, right?

Well, it wouldn’t have been except that I had no blog post and no idea what to write about.

I’m still about 10k behind on Camp but now that I am more or less pain free I hope to make a huge dent in that the next two days.

And I should be able to.  The story is flowing really well right now, which is surprising because one of the reasons that it’s been sitting for so long is because I was having so much trouble getting it moving.  But apparently I just needed a break from it.

Oh, it’s going to need a lot of editing.  For one thing, there’s a whole scene that I think I need to move to later in the book and a lot that is probably going to get cut, but, hey, it’s a first draft and at least I’m going to have something to edit.

Speaking of editing, I think next month I might start poking at The Onyx Sun a bit. It’s been sitting in my “Novels I’m Ignoring” file (yes, that is the actual name of the file) since at least August because I thought the whole thing sucked. I recently reread it and it isn’t as bad as I remembered it being, so I think I’ll see if I can polish it up a bit.

Apparently I just needed a break from it, too.


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