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Sunday Snippet April 19, 2015

Posting a few excerpts from a UFO (UnFinished Object) that is in my “Novels I’m Ignoring” file.  It’s a rough draft of a science fiction novel called The Onyx Sun and I just reread it and I don’t hate it anymore so it might get edited and finished someday.  Keep in mind this is a very rough draft of something that I haven’t even looked at since last August or so and which has probably been a victim of creative editing.

Taliya Swann has been away from home negotiating a mining contract on another planet.  When she called to advise her mother (head of House/Company) that they had a contract, Maureena informed her that her grandmother had died the day before.  All that was left to look forward to was being reunited with her lover, Luzita.

Returning home, she was met by Regino, the butler, who told her that her grandmother’s funeral had been held the day she died.


“The day–” Taliya’s mind froze, replaying the conversation with Maureena:  Your grandmother died yesterday.  “She… She didn’t even tell me until the next day.”

“I am sorry, Miss Taliya, truly I am.”

“I know, Regino, but it’s not your fault.”  She took a deep breath and let her gaze travel the room, searching the doorways.  “Where is Luzita?”

Before he could answer Maureena entered from her private office.  “That will be all, Regino,” she said, her voice as cold as the clacking sound of her dress shoes as she crossed the marble floor.

The man bowed and left them, but not without casting a sympathetic look to Taliya.

Taliya watched him go and then turned to her mother, her face a well-practiced mask:  Maureena did not approve of any sort of emotional display.






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