Farewell to Sanity

As of this writing I have less than 36 hours of sanity remaining.

Tomorrow, the plan is to clean the rat cage and do a lot of minor chores to get them out of the way before the start of Camp and NaPoWriMo.

I may also have a farewell party for my sanity.

How much of anything will I get done tomorrow?

Optimism says “All of it!”
Experience says, “Not much.”

Am I ready for Camp?

Nope. I have no outlines in place and am going to be winging it.

I’m also not starting where I had planned.

See, I had planned on wrapping up this novel (and thus the trilogy) before Camp so I could go right into book two of The Other Mages trilogy, but it’s not going to happen.  I don’t really seem to be any closer to the end of it than I was a week ago, mostly because someone from Arrek’s past showed up and through a wrench into my plans.

Still, she’s making for an interesting twist…

And it’s not really bad that it won’t be finished before Camp – it just gives me something else to work on in April.  I have set my goal to 60,000 words, or 2k-a-day. I’m pretty sure that book two won’t need that many words to be finished, so having something else to eat them up is a good thing.

And even between the two of them I might not hit 60k, so then it’s on to something else, probably either an Academy of the Accord novel or some side stories.

I may not be ready, but I am starting to get excited.

Let the insanity begin!


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