Sunday Snippet March 29, 2015

Picking up from last week with the final snippet from this scene from one of the books in The Academy of the Accord series.   (The series is still a work in progress and so is this scene.)

A few notes first because regardless of where this scene ends up it’s dropping you into the middle of a book in the middle of a series.

The Academy of the Accord is a school that trains both wizards and warriors.

Wellhym (and Kordelm) are in charge of the first year cadets and are the seconds in command of the school’s garrison.

Jorsen is a first year cadet – roughly 10 years old. He is… sort of a laughing stock, picked on by kids that are more coordinated.

Marsden is the commander of the garrison. Vinadi is the headmaster of the school.

A Warder is a warrior with an instinct to protect wizards. (And I need to find a different word for “Warder” because it’s kind of hard to pronounce.)

The usual rough draft and creative sentence structure warnings apply.

We pick up from last week — Wellhym has Jorsen back on an even keel, but there is still work to be done.


“So,” Wellhym said, his voice shifting to a lighter tone as he pushed off from the dike and jumped lightly down to the stream bed.  “Now, how about helping me move some of this deadwood out of here? We’ll get the wizards to come levitate it up later and get it cut into firewood for the winter.”

“Can’t the wizards levitate it up from the stream?” Jorsen asked as he joined him.

“They could,” Wellhym replied, watching the boy from a corner of his eye.  “But sometimes physical labor is a good thing – a healing thing.  Chopping wood, for instance.”  

Jorsen stared at him for a moment.  “You knew?”

Wellhym grinned.  “Son, one thing you’re going to have to learn is that when there are wizards around there are very few mysteries that can’t be solved.”

Jorsen flushed, but Wellhym laughed.  “And you are too much like me,” he added. “Even before Cair did a spell I had a feeling it was you.” He ruffled the boy’s hair affectionately.  “Take your boots off, roll up your pant legs, take your shirt off, and go splash water on your face to cool your eyes, and then get to work.”

“Yes, sir!” Jorsen was grinning and Wellhym’s heart lightened: the boy wasn’t giving up – and he would not give up on him.


I’ll be posting snippets from something different next week, but I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into The Academy of the Accord and a glimpse at a couple of the people who call it home.









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15 responses to “Sunday Snippet March 29, 2015

  1. That’s so true, tired the body to heal the mind.

  2. I love Wellhym. He’s awesome. 🙂

    (hey, d’you want to join our Camp Nanowrimo cabin, or do you already have one? I can’t remember if you said. Either way, let me know your camp name!)

  3. Loved this scene, showed their true emotions.

  4. elainecsc2013

    I like Wellhym too, and I did enjoy the emotion in the scene.

  5. Karen Michelle Nutt

    Loved the scene. So glad he isn’t giving up on him. 🙂

  6. Hope you change your mind about posting snippets of a different story … I really like this one !

    • Thanks, Iris. That’s all there is to this bit — the rest of the book it belongs in hasn’t been written yet. I might do more from the series next month, though — I still haven’t decided what my next excerpts are going to be from.

  7. He is going to be a great mentor. Great scene.

  8. Those are some wise words. He’s exactly right that, sometimes, a little physical labor is good for the soul.

  9. It’s good that Jorsen has a mentor who is understanding and wise. It looks like he’ll need a soft approach to his education.

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