Staying On Track

I did a bad thing this past week.  For some reason that isn’t clear even to me I started rereading some of the first drafts for the Academy of the Accord series.

Why is that bad?

It’s bad for two reasons.

One, it was time I should have spent writing.

Two, it has made me want to go back to writing Academy of the Accord books.  (I need four more to finish the series.)

But I also want to finish the unnamed trilogy, and I am so close…

But it seems like forever since I’ve spent time at the Academy.  I was starting to get really burned out on it and needed a break.   (I’ve been working on this series off and on since 2012 or maybe 2011.)

But now I’ve had my break and am eager to get back to the series.

But there is this trilogy in the way…

And plans to finish book two of The Other Mages trilogy next month during the April session of Camp NaNoWriMo.  (Book three is written but needs a major re-write.  That is more editing than writing, so it’s not really part of this year’s plans, mostly because I’m keeping large chunks but have massive changes to make and I can’t quite figure out how to figure the word count for the changes and such.)

The good news is that I am very close to the end of the current trilogy, and should have it finished before Camp starts. Maybe.  If not, then it should be finished within the first week of Camp and I can turn my attention to The Other Mages.

And then, since I’ll probably still be a long way from my word count goal, I think I’ll ease back into The Academy of the Accord by writing some side stories for it.  Things that don’t actually belong in the series, but are sort of adjacent to it, some back stories, etc.  Eventually I’ll probably publish them as a collection or maybe make them available either on my blog or at Wattpad.

Regardless, that’s a long way away yet.

For now, I’ll just pat myself on the back for having managed to stay on track with the current project and not let myself be distracted by an old love.



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