It’s Not a Race

So I’m nearing the end of book three of the nameless trilogy, and I am finding myself getting impatient and rushing the writing, writing summaries instead of scenes.   I know that can be fixed in the first round edits/rewrites, but why make that any harder than it already has to be?

So I’m constantly reminding myself to slow down, to show, not tell.

And I’m still not setting scenes.  *sigh*

As an example, here are a couple bits from Saturday night’s writing:


The others were waiting when Ta’elsin and Arrek arrived at the building they were using for their headquarters.  (Waiting where?  Outside? Inside? Lined up at the door like a receiving line? In a conference room? At the breakfast table?)


Once greetings were over and everyone had settled…  What “everyone”?   Is the prince there?  The warrior’s wife and son?  And, again, where are they?


And as I’m continuing that scene I’m discovering things that I completely either ignored, forgot about, or glossed over a few chapters back, which means I was really rushing that bit too.

The sad part is, I knew I was rushing it – I have a note back there to expand on some things.  And now I have a note to go back and add in a couple things.

The rewrite on this is going to be not fun.

How did I get into this mess?  Part of it is racing to the end.  Part of it is burning out.  And part of it is the lack of a fully detailed outline.

Yeah, I rushed the outlining too, and this is what I get.

Lesson learned.





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