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Sunday Snippet March 15, 2015

Picking up from last week with another snippet from one of the books in The Academy of the Accord series.   (The series is still a work in progress and so is this scene.)

A few notes first because regardless of where this scene ends up it’s dropping you into the middle of a book in the middle of a series.

The Academy of the Accord is a school that trains both wizards and warriors.

Wellhym (and Kordelm) are in charge of the first year cadets and are the seconds in command of the school’s garrison.

Jorsen is a first year cadet – roughly 10 years old. He is… sort of a laughing stock, picked on by kids that are more coordinated.

Marsden is the commander of the garrison. Vinadi is the headmaster of the school.

A Warder is a warrior with an instinct to protect wizards. (And I need to find a different word for “Warder” because it’s kind of hard to pronounce.)

The usual rough draft and creative sentence structure warnings apply.

We pick up from last week — Wellhym has just told Jorsen that he couldn’t hear what the other cadets said to him, but he has a pretty good idea what it was.


“They’re right,” Jorsen burst out, his voice choked. “I don’t belong here.  I should just go back home and…”


The quiet authority in Wellhym’s voice silenced him.

“You’re a Warder, Jorsen, we need you. The wizards need you.”

“No.  I’m no good and I never will be. I’m awkward and clumsy and trip over my own feet and I’m more of a danger to myself than any enemy ever could be.”

The boy was shaking and Wellhym resisted the urge to reach for him, knowing that was not what he needed. Instead, he held the boy’s gaze with his own.

“Maybe you are,” he agreed.  “Now.  But you’ll grow into yourself and you will be a force to be reckoned with.  Do you know how I know?”

Jorsen shook his head, struggling to calm his breathing.

 “I know, because the day all of you arrived, we – the school leaders – had a meeting to discuss the new recruits, and it was decided that, yes, you did look like you were apt to trip, fall on your sword, and do yourself in. But it was also decided that you were a lot like me at that age – awkward, not sure how to use your body, and, as you said, more of a danger to yourself than anyone else.”


(I’m really unsure of that last line.  I don’t know if it should read the way it does or if it it should be “not sure how to use my body, and, as you said, more of a danger to myself than anyone else.”)






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