Sunday Snippet March 8, 2015

Picking up from last week with another snippet from one of the books in The Academy of the Accord series.   (The series is still a work in progress and so is this scene.)

A few notes first because regardless of where this scene ends up it’s dropping you into the middle of a book in the middle of a series.

The Academy of the Accord is a school that trains both wizards and warriors.

Wellhym (and Kordelm) are in charge of the first year cadets and are the seconds in command of the school’s garrison.

Jorsen is a first year cadet – roughly 10 years old. He is… sort of a laughing stock, picked on by kids that are more coordinated.

Marsden is the commander of the garrison. Vinadi is the headmaster of the school.

A Warder is a warrior with an instinct to protect wizards. (And I need to find a different word for “Warder” because it’s kind of hard to pronounce.)

The usual rough draft and creative sentence structure warnings apply.

We pick up from last week — Jorsen was startled by Wellhym’s approach and nearly fell from the top of the dike.


“Easy, son.”  Wellhym caught his shoulder, steadying him with touch and voice. The boy’s eyes were red and Wellhym’s heart ached at the tear streaks on his face.   “Have a seat,” he invited.  He sat down on the top of the rock wall and hesitantly Jorsen joined him, the two of them sitting in silence until subtle shifts in Jorsen’s body told Wellhym that he was starting to relax.

“This is a nice spot,” Wellhym commented. “A good place to get away and think.  Everyone needs a place like this.  I had one.”

“You did, sir?”

Wellhym nodded, suppressing a smile at the disbelief in the boy’s voice. “Sometimes you just need to get away and be by yourself for a while.”

“Yes, sir.”  Jorsen agreed, and a comfortable silence fell over the two of them as Jorsen relaxed further, soothed by Wellhym’s easy manner.  


“Yes, sir?”

“I couldn’t hear what they said to you, but I can guess.”


So, the secret is out.  But is this the only “secret” that Wellhym knows? 




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28 responses to “Sunday Snippet March 8, 2015

  1. Karen Michelle Nutt

    Yes, what else does he know? 🙂 Enjoyed the snippet and the easy banter between the two. I like how he put the boy at ease.

  2. I liked this snippet and the idea of a place to go when things get to be too much–I like these characters.

  3. Lovely written, such a difficult subject, you use your words very well.

  4. I want to give the boy a big hug, but I’m assuming Wellhym will give him the equivalent. 🙂

    Your characters are always so easy to care about, Paula!

  5. Gem

    This scene really lets the reader know Wellhym’s kind character. Great snippet. 😀

  6. Nicely done! Love the flow.

  7. I wonder if it’s a good thing that he guessed. It sounds like trouble.

  8. Hooked. Great snippet. I want to know more!

  9. Love his gentleness with the boy. Says a lot about his character.

    • Thanks, Joanne. Wellhym really is gentle. Protective and a skilled fighter, and you do not want to see him angry (it’s a very rare thing) but gentle. (The one and only time he has to dress down a bunch of cadets he felt as bad as they did afterward — maybe worse!)

  10. Ah yes, we all need that one spot to get away and think at. It does such wonders to put the mind at ease once more. I love this scene.

  11. Elainecsc2013

    Wellhym sounds like exactly right to work with youngsters. Now I’m wondering how many secrets he knows. You did a great job with the child. I could see him and feel his anguish.

  12. chellecordero

    Wellhym’s compassion is wonderful. I enjoy the way he puts the boy at ease and lets him know that everyone needs a respite now and then. Very nice snippet.

  13. I am starting to really like Wellhym. I love how he’s giving the boy time to relax so he can help him. Such a strong yet gentle character is worth reading more about. 🙂

  14. Very good interaction. A scene like this goes a long way toward establishing relationships.

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