Friday Already?

Back to work for me today.

Why do days off go by so fast and days at work go by so slowly?  Seriously, three days off and I feel like it was only one day.  I’m scheduled for four in a row and they will take three weeks to pass.

As usual, my days off were less productive than I’d hoped.  I did get the rat cage cleaned, and I kept up the thousand words a day, but barely.  I was hoping to have at least a 3000 word cushion by now, but, well, time got away from me.


As usual.

And to make matters worse, this weekend we set the clocks ahead, so I’ll “lose” an hour of either sleep or writing time.  Fortunately, I work evening shift, so the switch isn’t as bad as it could be, but still, I seriously hate time changes.  They mess with my internal clock and it takes me about two weeks to adjust.

I’ve always been that way with time changes (in both directions) and until recently I just naturally thought that everyone was affected by them.  But a week or so ago I was reading a thread on a cross stitch message board that was talking about the time change, and was surprised to learn that some people aren’t bothered by them at all.

Time in general is weird for me.

I’m good at getting to places when I should: it’s bigger pieces of time that I have trouble with.

For instance, I can tell you when I need to leave to get to work on time, but plan for Christmas? Ha!  That sucker sneaks up on me every year.

Rather like the end of my days off…

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  1. I feel your pain. I’m the same way, the days off just go too quickly and then work drags. Though the time change doesn’t affect me, things do sneak up on me rather quickly. (I wish spring would be one of those things.)

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