In Like a Lion

March roared in with a snow storm. I shoveled three to four inches of heavy wet white stuff of the sidewalk and out from around my car, and dug a path through the piles the plow left.

Then I still had to clean my car off and go to work.

Aside from the fat that it wasn’t fifteen degrees below zero, so far March isn’t much of an improvement over February.

But it is a whole new month in the 1K-a-Day Challenge.

I made February’s goal – barely – but this is a whole new fresh start – fresh like the snow.

And so far so good.

I got my 1K in for the first and I’ll get today’s thousand words in before I go to bed so I’ll be on track.  And then I’m off for three days and am finally kicking this evil virus so I hope to kick up my word count, too.

I’m rolling again.

I got the whole where, when, and why of the fight scene sorted out, and if I don’t get it written tonight I should knock it out tomorrow.

And then some smooth sailing for a bit and then… another fight scene.

The plan has been for some happy emo stuff for a while, but now I’m not so sure.  I might save that for the end, after the next fight scene, which isn’t just any fight scene – it’s going to be a major battle.

But that’s at the end of the book, which means that the trilogy will be done.

And that is my goal for the end of the month.

Now let’s just see if life will be a lamb and let it happen…



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