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It has been an insane few days.

I turned 54 on Friday the sixth, and my birthday present was the Garth Brooks concert on the fifth.  It was awesome, but I came home with pretty much no voice (it finally recovered late Friday evening) and completely wiped out.

To quote the man himself: “I’m much too young to feel this damned old.”

But anyhow…

Work has been insane all weekend and I’ve been exhausted.

And last night…

Last night at work I broke the ice machine.

And the floor.

(I’m now almost afraid to go to work this afternoon.)

Through all of this I’ve still been managing to write my thousand words a day – more or less.  Some days I only got close, but I had a bit of a padding and was holding on to a one thousand word cushion.  Barely.

Until last night when I was just too exhausted to string words together in any semblance of a coherent sentence.   How tired was I?  I was in bed at 2:30 instead of 3:30.

Goodbye 1000 word cushion – hello breaking even.

But I got a pretty good amount of sleep last night so I’m all fired up to write.

Except for that work thing…

But after tonight (providing the building and I survive) I have two days off.

To recover.

And write.


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Sunday Snippet February 8, 2015

This is an excerpt from my current project.  This is a very rough first draft and may or may not have been creatively edited to fit the 10 sentence limit.

Skipping a bit from last week, Arrek is taking Ta’elsin to the castle gardens to pass some time while the others are in a war council.  We are still in Arrek’s POV.


As he guided Ta’elsin through the halls he found himself caught in a whirlpool of emotions: relief that the boy was safe, joy that he was with him again, and a touch of disappointment that Ta’elsin didn’t seem to recognize him. 

Of course he doesn’t, he told himself.  It was thirteen years ago.  If he even remembers you he’s not going to recognize you — there is nothing special about you.

He pulled his mind away from that last thought, but smiled in spite of it.  The fact that there was “nothing special” about him — the fact that both of his eyes were the same color — was what had caused him to be in the temple when Ta’elsin had been brought in.  It was that “nothing special” that had allowed him to be in a position to save the boy’s life.

And there had been at least one person in his life who had thought that he was special. He still ached at the loss of his grandfather, and knew that part of him always would.

Joy and sorrow, he mused, were never far apart.


(The prologue is available on Wattpad if you’d like some background information.)


Want to read more snippets from some really great authors?
Check out Sunday Snippets on Face Book.








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A Tale of Two Centaurs

If you’ve been following the Sunday Snippet posts and checking out the other authors who participate you’re already familiar with Siobhan Muir.  (And if you haven’t been you should be.)

Anyhow, since today is my birthday I’m foisting the page off on Siobhan has graciously allowed me to showcase her newest release here so I didn’t have to think of something to write.

And what a release it is!  Siobhan has created a detailed society of centaurs for her novel Take the Reins, and has recently released a second book in that world, A Centaur’s Solstice Wish.   (I’ve read both of them and they are thoroughly enjoyable.  I love books where I want to simultaneously hug a character and smack some sense into him.)


Ronin had never been so glad to see his injured soldier in his life. Sedgewick Icetrotter constituted one of the worst soldiers he’d ever trained, but he’d shown determination and persistence despite his setbacks. When he’d dislocated his left shoulder trying to string a bow, Ronin had seen the defeat in the younger centaur’s face along with the pain. Ronin’s heart ached for him, but he’d kept his words to himself. No need to compound his shame.

Now Sedgewick stepped forward, arm in a sling, with more confidence Ronin than had ever seen him display, and some of his tension melted away. By the Goddess, let him be able to do this. Ronin rarely prayed, but he wanted the best for Sedgewick. The man had a gentleness and beauty Ronin had never seen in any other centaur, and some part of him wanted to preserve that. It would be ruined by fighting and war.





When making wishes on the Hunter’s star…

It will take more than wishes to improve Sedgewick Icetrotter’s Solstice. After being sent to the infirmary, again, for dislocating his shoulder while stringing his bow, he figures he’s got a snowball’s chance in hell to impress the centaur he loves. Until Corporal Ronin Creekjumper brings in two injured centaurs suffering from unusual insect bites, and Sedgewick knows how to treat them.

Ronin can’t believe his good luck when Sedgewick saves his men. It also gives him a chance to do more than light candles for his injured friend. Ronin takes the chance and invites Sedgewick to spend the Solistice holiday together. Just the two of them.

And a pack of hungry dire wolves who’d like to put Sedgewick on the menu. Who says Solstice can’t be exciting?

Here are the buy links for A Centaur’s Solstice Wish:


All Romance eBooks


Barnes And Noble

And now meet the awesome author:

Siobhan Muir lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming, with her husband, two daughters, and a vegetarian cat she swears is a shape-shifter, though he’s never shifted when she can see him. When not writing, she can be found looking down a microscope at fossil fox teeth, pursuing her other love, paleontology. An avid reader of science fiction/fantasy, her husband gave her a paranormal romance for Christmas one year, and she was hooked for good.

In previous lives, Siobhan has been an actor at the Colorado Renaissance Festival, a field geologist in the Aleutian Islands, and restored inter-planetary imagery at the USGS. She’s hiked to the top of Mount St. Helens and to the bottom of Meteor Crater.

Siobhan writes kick-ass adventure with hot sex for men and women to enjoy. She believes in happily ever after, redemption, and communication, all of which you will find in her paranormal romance stories.

Siobhan’s latest release, A Centaur’s Solstice Wish, is the second story in her new Rifts series. She has published A Hell Hound’s Fire (a free read), The Beltane Witch, and Cloudburst Ice Magic in the Cloudburst Colorado series. Siobhan has also published Bronco’s Rough Ride and The Navy’s Ghost in the Bad Boys of Beta Squad series, Not a Dragon’s Standard Virgin and Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack through Siren Publishing, and Her Devoted Vampire through Evernight Publishing.

Want more Siobhan? Of course you do — she’s awesome and fun and all that good stuff. You can find her here:

Website  Blog  Facebook  Twitter  Google+  Pinterest

And her books are available at:

Amazon  ARe B&N  Kobo Books  Smashwords  Evernight Bookstrand

Other titles:

Her Devoted Vampire

Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack

Not a Dragon’s Standard Virgin

A Hell Hound’s Fire

The Beltane Witch

The Navy’s Ghost

Bronco’s Rough Ride

Happy Holidays from the Crescent Moon Lodge Anthology

Cloudburst Ice Magic



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Wednesday Words #6 2-4-15

Welcome to Wednesday Words!  Every Wednesday I will post some sort of prompt for a flash fiction piece.  The prompt will go live just after midnight Eastern time.

The prompt might be a picture, or it might be a list of things to include in a story, or maybe a phrase or a question or something from a “news of the weird” type thing, or a… who knows?

After that, it’s up to you.  But if you do use the prompt to write a bit of flash fiction (say, 500 words or so) I’d love to see what you came up with, so comment below with a link to where it is on your blog (or on WattPad or wherever).

(And a pingback to the post here where you found the prompt would be appreciated but isn’t necessary.)

Oh, and this isn’t a contest or anything.  It’s just a (hopefully) fun thing for all concerned.

And, hey, if it inspires more than 500 or so words, run with it!

This week’s prompt:

a cake
the scent of roses



And, as always, I’d love to see what you come up with!


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This Is Not the Post I Was Looking For

Somewhere I have a list of things I wanted to use as topics for blog posts.  If you think I can find said list you don’t know me very well.

But while looking for it I found a couple pages of notes for scenes in one of The Academy of the Accord novels, so now of course I want to go work on it, except it’s part of the “mess in the middle” where I’m separating stories of individual characters out from the general story and sort of segueing them into semi-concurrent books of their own.  (They will start at about the same time – the cadets arriving at the academy – but then they sort of branch off.  Don’t worry – it’s confusing to me, too.)

Anyhow, since I haven’t figured out exactly how to work that into the 1K-a-Day challenge I’m not tackling that mess yet, even though I do want to throw myself back into that world.

(I also haven’t figured out why those notes are over here under my monitor instead of in the folder of notes for that book where they belong, but that’s a whole other issue and I never claimed to be organized.  I claim to try but I’ve never claimed to have succeeded.)

I really should attack the mess under the monitor – who knows what other gems are lurking there?  I have a Plot Bunny bag that probably needs gone through again as well.

Oh, no!  This is starting to smell like procrastination, and I’ve been doing so well.  I have finally quit dithering about and have gotten back to work on my trilogy without a name.  I’m 4000some words into book three and the prince is still [PRINCE] in the manuscript. I really have to settle on a spelling for the kid’s name pretty soon.

And that brings up an interesting question:

If cleaning = procrastination
and I put off cleaning until I’ve finished the book, then does
finishing the book = procrastination from cleaning?

And how much does anyone want to bet that the list of topics appears shortly after this posts?


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Sunday Snippet February 1, 2015

This is an excerpt from my current project.  This is a very rough first draft and may or may not have been creatively edited to fit the 10 sentence limit.

This continues from last week but is from Arrek’s POV.


“Now what?” indeed.  

A thousand answers swirled through Arrek’s mind as he studied the wizard in front of him. Even without having heard his name he would have known who he was: there was no mistaking the eyes – one blue and one aqua – that had haunted him for the past thirteen years. 

Then they had been filled with a combination of fear and trust, and now there was hope, uncertainty, and a tinge of despair and hurt, and as before he wanted to soothe him, to protect him and assure him that everything would be all right. 

They were older now, though — wrapping his arms around him and holding him while he did it would be frowned upon. 

“Now what?” indeed.  

A trace of a smile crossed his lips.  “Whatever you would like.  I am completely at your disposal.  And don’t take Traeasyun’s words personally,” he added cheerfully.  “She treats everyone like that.”


(The prologue is available on Wattpad if you’d like some background information.)


Want to read more snippets from some really great authors?
Check out Sunday Snippets on Face Book.








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