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Ramblings From a Cold-Fogged Mind

So, my roommate had a cold.  She got over it and I was congratulating myself for not getting it.


Tuesday night my throat started hurting and by Friday I was pretty sure I had swallowed shards of acid so I called off work.  I called off on Saturday too because I was feeling even worse. I probably should have gone to urgent care for a strep test, but the roads were horrible and it wasn’t worth the risk.

The two extra days off work did not exactly translate into extra words, though: I mostly stared at my computer and shared stuff on FaceBook, which was about as much energy – mental or physical – that I could summon.

Back to work yesterday and I am wiped out.  For one thing, I got pulled to “Hell Hall” which means pretty much no downtime at any point in the shift.  If I thought I still felt ragged before I got there, I was in misery when I got home.

(And I have two more shifts to go…)

I have been managing to at least keep up with the thousand words a day, though, and I did get ahead a little bit.  I’m holding onto a 4k lead right now, which means I’ve almost hit February’s goal.  I’m going to keep pushing, though: Camp NaNoWriMo is in April and I need this book to be finished by then, even though I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do in April, yet.

I might start the sequel to Song and Sword, or maybe I’ll try (again!) to finish Book Two of The Other Mages trilogy.  I don’t think it will need 50,000 words to finish it, though, so if I do that, I’ll also go back and write the other version of Book One of the current (still unnamed) trilogy.  (The whole book won’t need to be re-written, just part of the middle where things detoured away from my outline.)

And if I still haven’t hit 50,000 words I’ll tackle Book Three of The Other Mages trilogy.  That’s going to be tricky to do when I’m counting words, though, as some of it is already written.

Actually, most of it is already written. It was a complete novel.  But it was my first NaNoWriMo novel and has plot holes you can fly an Air Force squadron through and a character who changed alignment midway through and…

Yeah, it’s in need of a major re-write, but I’m not sure that it’s a rewrite that I can do while counting words.

Fortunately April is still over a month away so I have time to figure out what I’m doing.










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