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Sunday Snippet February 8, 2015

This is an excerpt from my current project.  This is a very rough first draft and may or may not have been creatively edited to fit the 10 sentence limit.

Skipping a bit from last week, Arrek is taking Ta’elsin to the castle gardens to pass some time while the others are in a war council.  We are still in Arrek’s POV.


As he guided Ta’elsin through the halls he found himself caught in a whirlpool of emotions: relief that the boy was safe, joy that he was with him again, and a touch of disappointment that Ta’elsin didn’t seem to recognize him. 

Of course he doesn’t, he told himself.  It was thirteen years ago.  If he even remembers you he’s not going to recognize you — there is nothing special about you.

He pulled his mind away from that last thought, but smiled in spite of it.  The fact that there was “nothing special” about him — the fact that both of his eyes were the same color — was what had caused him to be in the temple when Ta’elsin had been brought in.  It was that “nothing special” that had allowed him to be in a position to save the boy’s life.

And there had been at least one person in his life who had thought that he was special. He still ached at the loss of his grandfather, and knew that part of him always would.

Joy and sorrow, he mused, were never far apart.


(The prologue is available on Wattpad if you’d like some background information.)


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