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This Is Not the Post I Was Looking For

Somewhere I have a list of things I wanted to use as topics for blog posts.  If you think I can find said list you don’t know me very well.

But while looking for it I found a couple pages of notes for scenes in one of The Academy of the Accord novels, so now of course I want to go work on it, except it’s part of the “mess in the middle” where I’m separating stories of individual characters out from the general story and sort of segueing them into semi-concurrent books of their own.  (They will start at about the same time – the cadets arriving at the academy – but then they sort of branch off.  Don’t worry – it’s confusing to me, too.)

Anyhow, since I haven’t figured out exactly how to work that into the 1K-a-Day challenge I’m not tackling that mess yet, even though I do want to throw myself back into that world.

(I also haven’t figured out why those notes are over here under my monitor instead of in the folder of notes for that book where they belong, but that’s a whole other issue and I never claimed to be organized.  I claim to try but I’ve never claimed to have succeeded.)

I really should attack the mess under the monitor – who knows what other gems are lurking there?  I have a Plot Bunny bag that probably needs gone through again as well.

Oh, no!  This is starting to smell like procrastination, and I’ve been doing so well.  I have finally quit dithering about and have gotten back to work on my trilogy without a name.  I’m 4000some words into book three and the prince is still [PRINCE] in the manuscript. I really have to settle on a spelling for the kid’s name pretty soon.

And that brings up an interesting question:

If cleaning = procrastination
and I put off cleaning until I’ve finished the book, then does
finishing the book = procrastination from cleaning?

And how much does anyone want to bet that the list of topics appears shortly after this posts?



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