Sunday Snippet January 25, 2015

This is an excerpt from my current project.  This is a very rough first draft and may or may not have been creatively edited to fit the 10 sentence limit.

This continues from last week.  Traeasyun is speaking.


“Nevertheless, there is no use in him being here for this.”  She crossed the room and opened a door: a man in the uniform of the castle guard turned at the sound, his eyes searching the newcomers for some sort of threat as she ushered Ta’elsin out of the room.  “Take him someplace to wait until we have finished, and see to it that his needs are met.”

“Of course,” he said, bowing even as the door snapped shut. Straightening, he turned to Ta’elsin and extended his hand. “My name is Arrek, and I am at your service.”  


“I am pleased to meet you.”

Ta’elsin accepted the proffered hand and took a moment to study the warrior: Arrek’s grip was strong and sure, but it was his eyes that held Ta’elsin: they were dark brown, soft and warm and somehow soothing, and for a moment he wondered…

He shook the thought away and forced himself to focus on reality: he knew that the chance of finding the boy who had rescued him was nearly non existent, and yet he couldn’t help but wonder… and wish.  

He drew a deep breath.  “So, now what?”


(The prologue is available on Wattpad if you’d like some background information.)


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18 responses to “Sunday Snippet January 25, 2015

  1. chellecordero

    Sounds like there has been some history between Arrek and Ta’elsin ~ or maybe there soon will be? Seems to be an easy camaraderie.

  2. I’m sure he is going to see more of Arrek in time. He seems like an interesting character.

  3. Squeeee! It’s him–it is him, isn’t it?! Paula?

    Never mind, I want to read it (but it is him, right?). 🙂

  4. That exchange between them moves the plot forward. Well done!

  5. siobhanmuir

    The emotion is perfectly captured, all the hope and desire for reciprocation. Nicely done, P. T. 🙂

  6. Karen Michelle Nutt

    Now what indeed… I do hope Arrek is the boy. I enjoyed the intro.

  7. Sounds promising! I like how you introduced Arrek and hinted at the backstory.

  8. Enjoyed this snippet so much. I hope it’s him.

  9. elainecsc2013

    I bet it’s the same guy. I hope so.

  10. I hope he’s going to find the courage to ask … sometimes you have to go with your gut feeling!

  11. Gem

    Nice meeting that hints at the previous forgotten life.

  12. Great way to move plot through dialogue. Very good.

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