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Did I Say 25K?

Remember on Monday when I said that my current novel (the unnamed second book of an unnamed trilogy) was going to finish up at around 25k?

I was wrong.

I finished it on Tuesday at a little over 21k.

Okay, so I didn’t really finish it.

Well, I sort of finished it.

I wrote the final scene.  And I like it.


It was too easy.  It happened too fast.  I need to go back and add in some drama and excitement and a few near misses.

And I might extend the timeline to a few years instead of a few months, except I’m not sure that would be realistic.

So, I’m going to be re-working the events leading up to the final scene to make it more… meaningful, I guess is the word I want.

I’ve also realized that I was doing more telling than showing, but my main P.O.V. character (Ta’elsin) really isn’t involved at the events at that point.

Which is silly.  I have no problem with writing from Arrek’s P.O. V., especially since Ta’elsin is coming across as really whiny and insecure in this book – something else to fix in the edit/re-write phase.

I’m also toying with the idea of writing a few scenes from the P.O.V. of the still nameless prince, but that leads to the question of how many P.O.V.s is too many?


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