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Names! (Sort of)

It should come as no surprise that names are one of my worst stumbling blocks.  Actually, probably my number one stumbling block.  I still have Word docs with names like “Kel and Tirza” because I can’t seem to come up with a name for the novel so I named it after the main characters.  (And that file is from November of 2011 – I have even older ones with even more ambiguous titles.)

Names are important and I really struggle to get ones that are just right, that have the right sound and feel.

Right now I am 12,000 words into book two of a trilogy, and I am missing several important names.

Like, oh… I don’t know… a name for the trilogy? A title for book one? A title for book two?  Oh, and the king is still nameless.

But even worse? The Prince, who, while not really a main character is more or less the central focus of the entire trilogy, is still semi-nameless.

Semi-nameless?  How can you be semi-nameless?

Well, it’s simple, really – I can’t decide on a spelling.  (The joys of being a fantasy writer…)

His name is:


I’m leaning mostly toward Corin… I think.   Or maybe Corren.

But for now he’s still [PRINCE] in the manuscripts.

But on a brighter note, as soon as I finish my 1000 words for today I’ll still be 2000 words ahead on my challenge.  And I’m off for the next four days so here’s hoping for some good progress.

And maybe a name or two.

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