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What’s A Writer To Do?

Part of the reason for starting the 1K-a-Day challenge was because I wanted to get some stuff finished, starting with the trilogy that I started in November for NaNoWriMo.  My plan was to write straight through on books two and three.

My plan.

Unfortunately, my plans are a lot like my plots and get derailed by characters.  In this case, the character in question is Wellhym from the Academy of the Accord series.  Well, Wellhym and Jorsen.  There was this scene with the two of them that I couldn’t get out of my head, so I wrote it.

I mean, what else could I do?

That scene is going to end up in book five but it can currently be found in all its messy, choppy, unedited glory on Wattpad, because it more or less stands on its own as a short story.

But plan derailment aside, the challenge itself is going well so far.  (Yes, I do realize that it’s only the fifth day of the year and I still have 360 days to go before I can call it a total success, but a book of a thousand chapters starts with a single word, to paraphrase Lao-Tzu.)

Anyhow, as of this writing I have written 5491 words this year, which puts me almost 500 words ahead of my goal. I have three days off this week so I hope to increase that cushion.

Which brings me to a question I hadn’t thought of when I started this: if (when) I hit my word count goal for the month early and keep on writing, do I count those words toward the 365,000+ word goal for the year or do I start fresh the next month?  (I think the total I figured I’d end up with when I took NaNoWriMo months into account was 425,000.)

I decided that I’m not going to carry them over.

And looking at that 425,000 word goal almost makes me want to try for half a million words this year.

That’s roughly 42k a month…

I never said I was sane…

But I’m also not crazy enough to make that an official challenge…

Am I?


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