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Okay, this time I really did know that it was Friday and I had to write a blog post.  But I got kind of sick at work last night and was really tired and dragged out when I got home, plus I wasn’t sure what to write about.  And today was “Exchange Day” and after I exchanged over half my paycheck for necessities I had to go run some errands/do some shopping.  (And, of course, eat lunch.  Food will draw me out of my hermitage.)

Then once I got home I had to catch up on stuff online and find a candle holder. Well, two candle holders.  It’s amazing really – I have somewhere in the neighborhood of an uncountable number of candles of all shapes, sizes, and colors, but do you think I could find a holder for a single taper?  Not without tearing one entire corner of my room apart.

But anyhow… holders have been found, newly created chaos has been beaten back far enough to allow passage through my room (if you’re very careful and walk sideways) and a topic (of sorts) has materialized.

Well, two topics, and now I can’t decide which to write about.

*flips coin*

And the winner is…


We owe this topic to my friend Danielle, who has decided that she’s crazy enough to do the 1K-a-Day Challenge with me, and who said that she needs to clear off her desk.

And that got me thinking…

I’ve been looking at pictures of writing spaces, and there are some pretty awesome ones out there.  But some are too… sterile.  I wouldn’t be comfortable at an empty desk that held nothing but the computer.

So what is your writing space like? Cluttered? Neat? Out of control? Total chaos? Orderly? What would you change about it? (Without having to move to a different house/state/country/planet/galaxy/universe/reality?)

My writing space is cramped and cluttered and sometimes I use some… er… creative language (*cough* swear like a drunken Klingon sailor *cough*) when papers start a landslide, but for some bizarre reason I need to have stuff around me when I write. It doesn’t distract me — I just sort of tune it out and don’t really see it, but having it there is… comforting somehow. (And when I get stuck I work through a pile of papers and go “Hmm… I wonder what that note was supposed to mean?” and then get back to writing.

Granted, I would like to find a happy medium between imminent danger and total order, but time spent doing that is time spent not writing.

And, you know…



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