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The 1K a Day Challenge

Okay, I’ve mentioned this before.  Time to lay it on the line.

I am challenging myself to write 1,000 words a day for one year.

Why?  Well, mostly because I can.  (Challenge myself, that is.  Actually doing it is another story, but that’s why it’s called a challenge, right?)

I’m not sure yet if the best way for me to tackle it will be to write one thousand words every day or sort of average it out, acknowledging that there will be days when I simply cannot carve out the time (no matter how much I want to).  Goals should be achievable, not frustrating, so I’m thinking that maybe something like “Write 31k in January” would be better — I’ll keep a separate Word doc for that month and copy and paste it into the novel it’s for when it’s done.

Ah, yes, the novels.  I do have projects in mind for 2015.

I want to finish the trilogy that my current WiP is the first book of.  (And maybe name the prince in the process.)  And finish The Other Mages trilogy.  And finish (are you sensing a theme here?) The Academy of the Accord series.

If I get my current novel finished this month, that leaves me 2 books of that trilogy, 4 books to finish The Academy of the Accord series, and half of Book Two of The Other Mages trilogy and a re-write of Book Three — and possibly a slightly alternate version of Book One to play around with so… yeah, probably two books for it, too.  That’s about 8 books right there, give or take a bit with The Other Mages.

And I’d like to get the sequels to Sanguine and Song and Sword written too.

Too much?

Probably.  But 1000 words a day times 365 days = 365,000 (plus roughly another 60k because I’ll do 50k (20k more than normal) in the three NaNo months which gives me 425,000 words) in one year.  And that should be roughly 5 or 6 novels, depending on the novel length.  So, while I might not get all of them done, I should be able to get a bunch of stuff finished.

And one thousand words a day should be a doable goal, especially if I make it monthly thing, not a daily thing.

I would also like to get some editing days worked into the schedule.  I was thinking Tuesdays would be good as that is garbage day here so it seems sort of fitting.  Or maybe I’ll edit in 2016.

Except I’d really not like to let everything sit that long, so maybe if I reach my monthly goal early I can spend the rest of the month editing — once I have something finished and ready to edit.  (Right.  Like that is going to encourage productivity! LOL)

Anyhow, this is still (obviously) something of a rough draft of my writing plans.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to go with the monthly average, though — it seems less designed to fail.

Anyone crazy enough to care to join me in this challenge?


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