Just Another Laboring Day…

Happy Labor Day to those in the United States.  It’s just another work day for me, although one that has a better rate of pay than normal.

And I’m in a really good mood and am going to happy dance through my shift.

Why is that?

Well, I got Sanguine back from one of my pre-readers, the ever-wonderful Sarah Wesson.   (Seriously – check out her blog and her books – she’s awesome!)  It made sense to her and her only main comments were regarding description… or my lack thereof.   Easy things to fix, so that’s on my agenda for my day off tomorrow.   (I would do it today, but I have to go to work and don’t want to do a rush job.)

(Well, she also wants a sequel, and she says I owe her a keyboard – and probably a cup of coffee.)

Also on my agenda for tomorrow is figuring out Goodreads.

Yes, I am slowly forcing myself into the self-promotion thingy.  Ugh, ugh, and double-ugh.  Triple-ugh, even.

Towards that end, I set up a Wattpad account and am posting chapters from both Song and Sword and Sanguine on it.  Song and Sword is a bit easier to do because with Sanguine I have to read over the excerpts first to make sure they aren’t too explicit.

I’ve also been making myself a list of things to do on a daily basis, and looking at it tells me one thing:  fall is starting.  I always get a burst of energy in the fall and think I can take on the world.

And that world includes all of the plot bunnies that are hopping around in a folder on my computer.  Right this minute I want to write everything.  Right now! All at once!

I’d better get busy…


P.S.  Hopefully by Friday’s post I’ll have at least narrowed down the choices for the cover for Sanguine.  If I have, I’ll have a page for them here for previews and feedback.



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2 responses to “Just Another Laboring Day…

  1. Thanks for letting me read Sanguine, Paula! It’s a terrific story! :)

  2. shegyes

    I can’t wait until Sanguine comes out! Sounds like it’s going to be fun.

    I feel your pain on the self-promotion thing. I haven’t really done anything with Goodreads yet. I have one, but I don’t do anything with it. There’s several sites I’m a member of, but don’t do anything with (such as Goodreads). I need to get better about that…

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