Sunday Excerpt — August 31, 2014

More from Sanguine, a science fiction novel with elements of semi-paranormal M/M romance.

Sanguine is in the hands of two awesome and brave volunteer pre-readers, so watch this space for a release date.

Anyhow, I’m skipping ahead a bit from last week:  The interior design of the ship isn’t complete, but they’ve decided (after an incident between Murray and the head of the security team) to head for Earth anyhow, taking the work crew with them.  (It’s voluntary – they’re not kidnapping them!)  Gregor is collecting the names of those who wish to go on the trip.

(Pay no attention to random punctuation and run on sentences – they don’t exist in the big version.)


Kaen glanced at the chronometer.  “Best get to the airlock,” he said, “their shift should be ending soon.” 

“How did this get to be the First Officer’s job?”

Kaen grinned. “It’s a personnel issue.”

Gregor laughed and stood up, stretching.  “If you say so, Master.”

“Well, I’d scare them and they’d scare Murray and Trini is fussing over her engines being ready and is so excited to cast off that I’m going to have to ask Constin to give her a tranquilizer so she can sleep tonight.”

“She is so thrilled to have her very own engine room, and so scared that she will let you down.  You do have that effect on people:  you make them want to please you – once they stop being scared of you, that is.”

“And do you want to please me?” Kaen teased.

Gregor glanced at the time.  “I’ll be back once they’re gone.” 

Kaen roared with laughter at the non-answer:  he knew the real answer, of course, and couldn’t wait to draw it out of him later. 



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20 responses to “Sunday Excerpt — August 31, 2014

  1. Nice dialogue. I love the friction here.

  2. Gem

    I love this story from the snippets. I can’t wait until it’s published and available!

  3. Sassy Gregor is sassy! And Kaen is jsut blossiming—so wonderful to watch! :D The banter is simply awesome, Paula!

    (I’m reading steadily! It just gets better and better as it goes!)

  4. like Sarah said, these dialogues between Kaen and Gregor keep getting better and better :-)

  5. They’re getting really relaxed with each other.

  6. elainecsc2013

    I like their playful dialogue, especially since I think they really care for each other.

  7. Gregor’s such a tease. Can’t wait until this story is released!

    *not seething with jealousy that Sarah’s reading the whole thing*

  8. I do love the way these two talk to each other with ease. And I’m sure he’ll draw out the answer from Gregor, too. :)

  9. I love the playfulness. I sounds like they are having so much fun on board.

  10. “It’s a personnel issue.” What a great line. Nice work.

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