Back At It

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve done my usual posts.  Sorry ‘bout that.  Between my job sucking the life out of me and a concerted effort to make it through the latest round of changes in Sanguine, well… Time sort of got away from me. (Not to mention the fact that I keep losing track of what day of the week it is because my schedule changes all the time.)


Sanguine is in the hands of a couple brave pre-readers and as soon as I have their feedback (or maybe sooner if I get too antsy) I’ll be formatting it and getting it published.  I suppose I could work on all of the front pages stuff in between now and then.

And, of course, there’s the cover, which is an exercise in indecision.  I’m doing it myself (yeah, yeah, I know – everyone says that’s a bad idea, but money is an issue right now.  Plus, I want something simple – just the title and my name on a star field.  My problem is deciding which star field photo to use.  *sigh*)

Anyhow, I’m now back to working on The Other Mages trilogy.  I’d like to get Book Two finished soon and maybe get Book Three finished before NaNoWriMo.  A lot of Book Three will be copied and pasted from the original, so that should be doable. Then after NaNo (or after I finish the trilogy if it’s not done before then) the editing starts on it and that’s going to be a mess and a half.

And I’ve decided that I need to do more promotion.  I’m a rather low-key kind of person, though, so that’s hard for me to do.   I’m going to start posting excerpts on Wattpad, though, at a friend’s suggestion, so we’ll see how it goes…


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2 responses to “Back At It

  1. shegyes

    I understand about the marketing part. I’ll be posting more excerpts myself soon, but I’ve spent most of today searching fairs and festivals in my local area.

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