Sunday Excerpt — August 17, 2014

More from Sanguine, a science fiction novel (still being edited) with elements of semi-paranormal M/M romance.  I’m picking up from last week with Kaen’s first meeting with Constin, the first of his people (other than Gregor) that he is meeting.

And pay no attention to random punctuation and run on sentences as I try to squish this bit into the limit.


“Master.”  Constin’s voice was a choked whisper.  His right hand fumbled at his belt for a moment then he drew out a small ceremonial dagger.  His eyes never left Kaen’s face as he pulled back his left sleeve and made a quick cut.  Blood welled up in the wound and Kaen inhaled deeply. 

“I offer freely that which you need.”  He raised his wrist to Kaen. “Drink deeply of my life, my lord.”

Kaen gently took his arm and wrapped his lips around the wound, closing his eyes as he savored the taste and power of the blood, freely given, blood which seemed to have been waiting just for him – blood which had been waiting just for him.



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27 responses to “Sunday Excerpt — August 17, 2014

  1. At least, Kaen is never going to be running out of blood now.

  2. Oh, just read your response. Good question. Will there be jealousy. Great snippet.

  3. Well, now, that’s a generous first meet.

  4. A living sacrifice?
    A well that never runs dry?

    Nice 8!

  5. I cringe at your descriptions of blood (I’m squirmish), it’s that good!

  6. the description, I mean, it’s so good that it makes me squirm ;-)

  7. siobhanmuir

    Oh, dear, jealousy on Gregor’s part might rear it’s nasty head. And yeah, what is Kaen thinking? Also, you repeated the same phrase (I’m sure in emphasis, but it seems repetitious and drags the reader out of the story). Maybe the last phrase could be “A blessed gift for his line alone”, something that makes it obvious that it is meant for him without saying it twice. Great snippet, PT.

    • Hmmm… Yes, that was meant as emphasis. Such things don’t pull me out of the story but I’ll fix it for others. Thanks.

      As for what Kaen is thinking… I don’t think he is. He was nervous about meeting Constin, but that evaporated as soon as he saw him and felt the pull of his blood.

  8. Yuck. He sounds pretty creepy with his blood lust. I love the way you show his anxiety with the fumbling at the belt. This is a great snippet.

  9. Oh, Paula, I teared up. They’ve both been waiting so long . . .

    I liked the repetition at the end, though an emphasis on had in the last sentence (which is how I read it) might help some readers?

  10. Gem

    Whoa. Now that’s a powerful scene. I wouldn’t change a word of it. I was there.

  11. How much did Gregor know to start with?

  12. elainecsc2013

    This is great for Kaen, but what about Gregor? Will he be jealous?

  13. I just love this! Truly. It’s very vivid. :)

  14. Beautifully captured. Your imagery is very powerful.

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