Sunday Excerpt — August 10, 2014

More from Sanguine, a science fiction novel (still being edited) with elements of semi-paranormal M/M romance.  I’m picking up from last week, with Gregor is escorting his uncle, Dr. Constin Vladescu, on board the Sanguine.   Kaen is watching and listening through the ship’s security feed.

And pay no attention to random punctuation and run on sentences as I try to squish this bit into the limit.

Constin has commented that it has been a long time since either of them was home, and Gregor told him that he had the feeling they would be going there more often now.


“Is that where we’re heading first?”

Gregor nodded.  “That’s our shakedown cruise.  Master offered me the chance to go home and see my family, but I think I’m more excited about taking him there to meet his people.”

“Speaking of, where is he?” Constin asked. “I was hoping…”

“He’s waiting in your cabin:  we thought it might be best for the two of you to meet in private.”

“Probably a good idea,” Constin agreed. 

“So,” Gregor asked casually, barely suppressing a grin. “Do you want a tour of the ship first or do you want to get squared away and meet the Captain first?”

“Don’t make me hurt you, boy,” Constin growled and Gregor laughed, savoring the teasing from his uncle:  he had missed his family more than he had realized.




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5 responses to “Sunday Excerpt — August 10, 2014

  1. Paula, please tell me this is going to be available soon! I need to read it.

  2. elainecsc2013

    It sounds as if maybe the entire family will be involved with the captain. Great for him.

  3. A lot of character is revealed in your dialogue. Well done.

  4. He’s sure trying to crew the ship with his family.

  5. Hum, I hope Gregor is not going to give Constin ideas. I would hate to see him hit on the captain.

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