Camp NaNo Recovery

So I am slowly getting my life back from Camp NaNoWriMo, or will be when I’m done feeling like I was dragged behind a runaway rhinoceros.

I’m still doing the page a day writing challenge, usually using to get my pages done, unless I’m too tired when I get home from work, in which case I just babble.  (Crazy night at work last night so my 750 entry was all over the place, jumping from subject to subject to squirrel! back to a previous subject to a squirrel! to… Yeah.   No sense trying to write when the mind is working like that.)

My days off will be focused on editing Sanguine, and I’m off for the next three days, so here’s hoping I can make it through at least one more round those days.  (I suppose I should try to do a chapter of it every day before work, too.)

Actually, tomorrow may be dedicated to writing, cleaning the rat cage, and working on making a path through my room, unless I take my editing bag and go hide in a library, but that requires leaving the house so I might just get some other stuff done instead.

See, I don’t normally have trouble finding time to write (or edit, if I have to):  it’s finding a balance between writing and everything else that seems to elude me.  Things like work (well, I do find time for it), housework, shopping, etc, all just seem to take a back burner in my life.  I think it’s time to get a kitchen timer and write a page, then clean for 15 minutes, write a page, clean for 15 minutes, etc.

Anyhow, by Friday I hope to have finished another run through of Sanguine – and to have a room I can more or less walk through.  We’ll see…

Meanwhile, does anyone have any tricks for balancing it all?


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  1. Well, my problem is the exact opposite — writing takes a backburner to all the other stuff I need to be doing. So maybe if you tell me how you put writing first, and I tell you how I put everything else first, we can both reach a happy medium :)

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