Sunday Excerpt — August 3 2014

Missed last week in the push to get Camp NaNo finished. (Plus, I was feeling guilty at not being able to visit and comment the week before. I know not everyone does, but I try to.)  Anyhow, that book took an unexpected twist with an unplanned relationship forming – I think I’m just going to have to start saying I write M/M.


Moving on from Murray (mostly because I was having trouble making ten sentence snippets about him that made sense) to Constin – Gregor’s uncle and the ship’s physician.    He is the first member of the family that Kaen is meeting in person.

Gregor is escorting Constin on board and Kaen is watching through the security system.

(The following lines may or may not have been hacked and recombined and creatively punctuated to fit into 10 sentences.)


The airlock door opened and Kaen felt a strange thrill as he studied the tall burly man who entered:  Constin’s brown hair and reddish-brown beard were a contrast to his pale blond, clean-shaven nephew, and his eyes were a darker blue than Gregor’s, but his smile radiated warmth and good humor and Kaen found that he was trembling with anticipation.

“Welcome aboard, Uncle Constin,” Gregor said:  he barely got the words out before Constin engulfed him in a bear hug that made Kaen smile.

“It is good to see you, Gregor.”  He stepped back.  “You’ve grown.  Last time I saw you, you were about twelve and you were in trouble for stealing Lucien’s and Viorica’s clothes from the swimming hole.” 

“I was only in trouble with Lucien and Viorica, especially Viorica,” Gregor shrugged, grinning, and Constin laughed – a deep hearty laugh full of humor.

“I remember.  I thought Viorica was going to flay you alive.”  Constin shook his head. “It’s been a long time since either of us was home.”

“I think we’ll all be heading home more often now,” Gregor replied, shouldering Constin’s bag. 





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22 responses to “Sunday Excerpt — August 3 2014

  1. I love your names, do go search for beautiful names or do you completely make them up? great descriptions, too! :-)

  2. Hum, interesting to see more and more people coming on board. They all seem so friendly with each other for the moment.

  3. Note to Gregor, “You can never go home.”
    Nice collections of sentences!

  4. So is the ship going to be crewed entirely by Gregor’s friends and relatives?

    • No, although Kaen did make a comment that he wished it could be. Key positions are going to be people Gregor knows and trusts — they’ll use a lot of agencies/staffing companies for the rest.

  5. Karen Michelle Nutt

    Enjoyed the introduction. Love your names also. I use baby name books also. I like that they tell what the name means and where it originate. Great snippet. :)

  6. siobhanmuir

    Good to see Gregor isn’t alone in the world. Great snippet, PT. :)

  7. “Strange thrill”? I wonder what their relationship will be like . . . Gregor has romantic dibs (I assume), but that wouldn’t interfere with a platonic soulmate, would it? :)

    • Constin is part of Gregor’s family, therefore one of Kaen’s people. (I skipped the discussion between Kaen and Gregor about whether or not it would bother Gregor to see Kaen feed from someone else, given the intimate nature of the act.)

  8. I wonder if the uncle will change the relationship between Kaen and Gregor?

  9. Gem

    It’s nice to see Kaen get a surrogate family through Gregor. And I too am intrigued by his response to Constin. :)

  10. Nice. All of your characters get good entrances!

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