Camp Summary July 2014

I wrote over 15,000 words in three days and I verified with three and a half hours to spare and now I am suffering from the usual post-NaNo let down.

(For those who don’t know what it is, you know how when you finish reading a book that you really liked and were really into there’s this feeling of… emptiness?  of not knowing what to do with yourself now?   Well, multiply that times 30 days of living with the novel and you’ll begin to understand.)

The novel isn’t finished yet – not by a long shot – and I will continue to chip away at it, but it’s just not the same without NaNo.

Plus, I have a life to get back to.  I need to be able to walk through my bedroom again, for one thing.

But still, NaNo is over and nothing can quite fill that void – until November.

And, yes, I am already starting to plan for November.  I want to have a solid outline for it, but first I have to decide what to write.

And while I was working on my July Camp project, a cute little plot bunny hopped into my lap.  It’s cute and it has potential but the more I look at it the less I like it, I think because it’s not something I normally would write.

So, since I’m not likely to use it, I thought I’d toss it out here for anyone who wants it.  I posted it in the NaNo FB group too, hoping someone will claim the thing.



What do angels, demons, a secret society, and an ultra-secret government agency have in common?

They all wan the same thing:

Cat Morgan.

Cat Morgan was a poor little rich girl. Given everything she ever wanted, at age twelve she started shoplifting out of boredom.

She never got caught.

By age fourteen she was stealing cars and booze.

She never got caught.

By age sixteen she started breaking and entering.

She never got caught.

By age 18 she was an accomplished cat burglar until one night when she broke into the wrong window.

And now she had better pray that she never gets caught.


She breaks into a building not knowing that the window she is entering through puts her in a room designed to hold demons — her entry breaks the salt circle that is containing them, unleashing them on the world.


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2 responses to “Camp Summary July 2014

  1. shegyes

    Why give me such a tasty tidbit?!? Why?!? T_T Sounds like an awesome idea. I might have to take a crack at it once I finish these thousands of other bunnies hopping around my own mind. :D

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