Camp Ramblings 7-21-2014

Ha!  I am only11288 words below par, or roughly one week behind where I ought to be.   I’ve found that I can sometimes get two to three hundred words written in odd moments at work.  Not much, granted, but it helps.

I’m off for the next three days and I’m hoping to do at least 3000 words each day.  That will still leave me behind, but not as far behind.  (A couple 5k days would be awesome…)

And the semi-good news is that Book One of the Other Mages trilogy is almost finished.  Finally!  I just need to wrap it up (I suck at endings) and then it’s on to trying to finish Book Two.

There is a scene that I missed for Book One (because I didn’t have my outline on hand) and I’m debating if I should write it or not.  I think I will because you never know what useful tidbits might come out of it.  (Maybe not useful for this book, but for the next two.)

I’m also tempted to write a side story or two for it.

No. Must stay focused:  finish this and then attack Book Two.  (I should probably start thinking about an outline for it.)

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