Camp Ramblings 7-18-2014

I started Tuesday 8966 words behind par.

I started Wednesday 9767 words behind par.  (Tuesday was not overly productive.)

8380 behind par going into Thursday.  Yeah! Progress!

But as of this writing, I am 9993 words behind.  *sigh* And I have spent most of the day fighting with my computer, finally resorting to a total reboot, which seems to have resulted in a slightly more cooperative piece of equipment.

I was supposed to have 4 days off next week but agreed to go in on Monday, so I’ll be working for the next three days and not making much progress. I’m hoping to get at least 1000 words done each of those days, though.  (And I haven’t started writing today yet.)

And on Tuesday I’ll be spending most of my day downstairs where my computer isn’t, waiting for a delivery.  (I ordered a larger cage for my rats and it’s supposed to arrive then. I will then have to assemble it, and between now and then I need to clear space for it in my room.  In the process I will, hopefully, find my wrist blood pressure cuff…)

So, yeah, it’s going to be tough to get caught up this month.   (But on a brighter note, the new cage will be much easier to clean and care for so it shouldn’t take as big of a chunk out of my day as the current one does.)

On the other hand, if I’m where my computer isn’t and I write long hand, I could get a lot of words churned out.

And I finally worked through a rather rough scene so the rest should be fairly smooth sailing.

So, yeah.  I can still do this…

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One response to “Camp Ramblings 7-18-2014

  1. shegyes

    I love how determined you are: both with your writing and your mischief. :D

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