Camp Ramblings 7-7-2014

In my first NaNoWriMo, a character who was supposed to be very minor took on a major role and then halfway or more through the book had a complete change of alignment that is resulting in rewriting the entire first half of the book.   That novel is what will be Book Three of The Other Mages trilogy.

I am currently working on trying to finish Book Two, and a character who was supposed to be a minor annoyance has become a plot point.   I’m not quite sure where that part of the plot is going yet, but then, I have the feeling that I’ve lost more than a few threads in this draft.

And the 16 hour shift that I worked on Saturday has helped neither word count nor coherence, and I am now 2795 words behind where I need to be for today.  And I’m sure tomorrow’s number will be worse – at least, before I start writing it will be.

Speaking of writing… Off I go.

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