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Camp Ramblings 7-4-2014

As of this writing I am caught up through yesterday.  I need to do about 4000 words today to get caught up through tomorrow.


Because I agreed to work a double tomorrow which means that I’m going to get very little if any writing done.  (I’m hoping to have a few odd moments here and there to scribble a few paragraphs to type when I get home.)

Of course, that leads to things like this gem from yesterday:

Trebor snickered and Sidden gave me a mock glare.

HIM! Gave HIM a mock glare! This is not first person, I am not Trebor, and I am NOT breaking the 4th wall!

I’m also working Sunday and Monday and on work days I only seem to get maybe 1000 words or so written, so if I don’t get caught up through tomorrow today I’ll be two or three days behind by Tuesday, which is cage cleaning day…

So, yeah, I need to write at least 4000 words today.  More if I can manage it.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of other things that I want and need  to do today in addition to writing another 4000 words:  I want to write a post for my rat blog, need to get my Sunday Snippet post ready to publish, want to set up my lamp that’s been in my way for a couple months so that I have better light at my desk, need to clean out the stuff in my work bag so I can actually find something when I’m looking for it…

And I should probably eat some lunch sometime… And maybe supper.

Maybe I should just plan on not sleeping at all tonight?

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