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Status Update

(I couldn’t think of a good title. Sorry.)

I have no idea what happened to my Friday post, but since it’s now out of date anyhow we’ll just skip it and you all can pretend you read something wonderful.

I did it. I got in 30 pages for the month of June:  I finished them last night (well, this morning) before I went to bed.

Next challenge?

The July session of Camp NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow, and, as usual, I’ve set my goal to 50,000 words. At least I have the first three days off, so I should be able to get a good start – providing that my computer cooperates.

I’m hoping to finish my current project (Book One of The Other Mages trilogy) and maybe get some progress made on Book Two.

I’d like to get Book Two finished before November.  (I’ve come to the realization that the trilogy is not going to be finished and released this year, at least, not unless I get a sudden burst of feverish “must write or my muse will eat me” energy.)

In August I think I’m going to do the “page a day” thing again, but my main goal for August is to finish the current revision of Sanguine and get it out to someone for a read-through so I can get it formatted and released so I can stop fussing over it.

Anyhow, those are my current plans, but you know how to make the gods laugh, right?


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