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I’m Writing!

Okay, so I didn’t write much, but at least it was something.  I added a little over a page to my current WiP.  That still leaves me pretty far behind on the page a day challenge, but at least I’m putting words into sentences.  Hopefully I can get another page or two added today, and then on my days off take a look at how many pages I need to do per day to hit my goal by the end of the month.

(I wonder if blog posts count for that?  With three blogs I should have several other pages worth of writing done!)

At any rate, I added to my WiP! Yay, me!

Granted, it’s not a major scene or anything.  In fact, it is mostly background information, but it is background information that serves to push the plot along another notch or two.

And the important thing is that it is words.

So, what got me moving again?

A sudden breakthrough?

Write or Die?


A looming deadline?


It was something that I should have thought of ages ago — I hand wrote a scene during my lunch break at work.

Sometimes, the old fashioned pen and paper is the best way to go.


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