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Like Gibbs from NCIS, I’m not quite sure I believe in coincidence, so maybe synchronicity is a better word, but…

As probably everyone who reads my blog already knows, I’ve been in a writing slump. There have been glimmers of hope, but nothing seems to be breaking me out of it and getting me into that feverish “must write and write and write and write” mode that keeps me up all night and gets me up early in the morning.

Well, it seems I’m not alone.  Two of the blogs that I follow have had posts about writer’s block this week.

Fictioner’s Net  is one and Ink Out Loud  is another.

So what is it with the sudden onslaught of wordlessness? Or at least, the pondering of wordlessness?

Summer doldrums? I know it’s been miserably hot up in my room these last three days and that makes it really hard for me to write. (I did get some more work done on my outline, though.)

Retrograde Mercury?  I know my computer has been sluggish and unresponsive, which makes it hard to write.  I get frustrated and yell at it and scare my rats.

Whatever it is, I need to get over it.  I think I might have to resort to Write Or Die to get myself moving…



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