Sometimes I think I’m spoiled, like a kid with too many toys.

I have all these great ideas for stories and characters, and I want to play with them all, but then I get bored with them or tired of them, or they are broken and I need to fix them (they become “work”) and I want a new one.

Last night, I was even trying to rationalize starting one of the new stories that is kicking around in my head, telling myself that it would put the fun and joy back into writing.  But I’m hesitant to add to the stack of unfinished manuscripts on my computer.  I have talked myself down to just working on outlines for them (some of them don’t even have names for the main characters, for crying out loud!) because outlining isn’t the same as writing.

But on the other hand, outlining new stories is still distracting me from the things I should be working on: The Other Mages trilogy and The Academy of the Accord series.

And I know me… once I have an outline I want to start writing.

Maybe that’s the solution – maybe I should outline the rest of Book One of The Other Mages trilogy…  I’ve been pantsing this entire trilogy and that really doesn’t work well for me…

Off to outline…


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