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Creativity Killers: Migraines

From time to time I’m going to do a post on things that kill creativity.  This time it’s migraines because I’m on day three of one.  (Well, day two and a half.)

It started on Saturday and since then all of my creative energy has been devoted to finding ways to keep the contents of my stomach in my stomach, and to preventing the metal band around my head from squeezing my eyes out of my skull.

On the other hand, the light show was pretty cool.  Yesterday morning when I closed my eyes there were little sparkles of light like a bunch of tiny fireflies (aka lightning bugs) behind my eyelids.  Kinda neat, but definitely not normal.

(Yeah, I know.  Neither am I.)

So, anyhow, not much the realm of writing or editing got done this weekend, but I’m hoping — since it’s not quite as bad today — that I’ll get something done on my days off.  I might resort to a trip to Northpointe tomorrow with editing bag, laptop, and Sanguine on a thumb drive to get the changes made on the word doc — better lighting, more room to spread out, and no internet distractions.


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