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Progress, Rats, and Work

It’s actually not been too unproductive of a week.  I’m a couple pages ahead on the “page a day” challenge and (courtesy of a pan of brownies) I’ve finished the latest round of paper edit on Sanguine – just need to get the changes made in the word doc now.  There are still a few rough areas toward the end that I need to spend some time on, and the ending is weak, but it is coming along nicely and now that the rest is pretty much fixed up I can focus on those two or three scenes and the ending.

And I’ve been doing a miraculous job of not starting something new, even though there is a story nagging at me almost continuously.  I think I might type up at least the basic premise and first scene (which is really all I’ve got anyhow) just so it shuts up and leaves me alone. (That works, sometimes.)

And, in non-writing news, I finally dragged out all my t-shirts and got my sweatshirts put away so I have more than 3 shirts available.

And the rats have learned to love their antibiotic and seem to be feeling better – still some sneezing but no wheezing.  I started a blog for them (Rats in the Belfry) just because they are such fun critters.  They did leave me a mystery to solve, though – somehow the bottom of their cage got soaked overnight.   I would blame a leaking water bottle but the intervening level is dry.

Back to work today after three days off.  I enjoy hermit-hood way too much.

Off to clean up the mess in the bottom of the cage and psych myself up to go to work…

Somehow the two seem to go hand in hand…


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