Slow Progress

I’ve been editing Sanguine and I only have a handful of chapters left to red ink, and then I can make the changes on the computer.   I think I want to give it one more round of polish after that, and maybe see if I can get a volunteer to give it a read through and provide feedback.

I found a great location for editing – the common room of the local branch of a university.  There’s not much of anything going on right now so it’s practically deserted and I can sit down and work without the distraction of rats and the internet.  It is slightly annoying because I have to leave myself notes to look something up later, but on the other hand, it’s more productive because I have to leave myself notes to look something up later.

And speaking of productive, I haven’t been very.  But I just signed up for a page a day challenge on Face Book, so I should get 30 pages added to Book One of The Other Mages trilogy before July Camp starts.  Maybe even more if I really get on a roll with it.

And one page a day isn’t an overwhelming amount, so hopefully the “one page at a time” approach will get me through the initiation scene that I’m avoiding.  It will be much smoother sailing once it’s over and done with.

Small steps…


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