Lost in the Void

First of all, why didn’t someone tell me it was Friday?  I almost forgot that I needed to write a blog post.  My excuse is that this was my fourth day off in a row and I didn’t realize that yesterday was Thursday.  (Well, I knew that it was Thursday but somehow didn’t connect that with the next day being Friday and blog post day.)


What have I been doing on my days off?

Well, on Tuesday I assembled a new-to-me-and-the-boys rat cage with no help and no directions.  I have little purple bruises all over my arms from the battle, but I won.  (And now I need to come up with a more interesting story than assembling a rat cage to explain them if anyone asks.)

Wednesday was Barter Night at Pagan Coffee Night so I rounded up some stuff to take to that, and anything that didn’t find a new home there was donated to the yard sale to raise money for Pittsburgh’s Pagan Pride Day this fall.  So, yay for decluttering!  (Not that it seems to have made a difference, but that’s another story…)

Yesterday I worked on editing Sanguine and as per usual when I’m editing, I hate it. (The novel and the editing process.)

Sadly, I just can’t seem to be satisfied with this book, and I have the feeling that it’s going to go through at least one more round of tweaking before it’s ready to be loosed on the world.

And meanwhile, I am in the mood to get back to work on The Academy of the Accord series even though part of me also wants to really work on The Other Mages trilogy to at least get Book One finished.  I’m sort of stuck on the initiation scene that’s coming up, though, which is probably why I’m avoiding working on it. (How much am I avoiding it?  I’m willing to dive back into the unholy mess that is the middle of The Academy of the Accord series.)

And, of course, there’s a shiny new plot bunny that I am sporadically outlining.  (Outlining does not count as writing, right?)

So Id say that I’ve sort of been in a writing void… except it’s getting really crowded in here and I’m being pulled in several different directions.  So maybe “vortex” is a better word.

Yes… a vortex…


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  1. I think life is always a vortex, never controllable… (o:

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