So, I have four days off coming up and I have been sort of trying to make plans for them.  (Yeah, I know — bad idea.  I always make a lot of plans and overextend myself. But I can’t help it… I’m a dreamer.)


The plan for tomorrow is to assemble the larger cage for my rats, set it up, and move the rats into it.  (Never mind that I have no instructions for cage assembly and nothing but a picture on the internet to go by…)

Unfortunately, however, this leads to the question of where to put the cage that they are currently in, as I want to put the new one where it is. I don’t want to tear it down as I’d like to keep it as a holding cage for cage cleaning days.  Currently I’m using a bird cage that I converted into a rat cage.

So, the plan is:

Move the bird cage (possibly disassemble it), put the current cage where it is now, and put the bigger cage where the current one is.

If I opt not to dismantle the bird cage, I could put it on top of my chest of drawers, but there is already stuff on top of it so I’d have to clean it of first…

And as I was writing myself a note to sort it all out it occurred to me that this whole procedure is a lot like writing and editing:

If I move this scene to later in the book then I have to change all references to what happened in it.

If I take this scene out then how is Character A going to find out about Character B?

Moving this scene to later in the book screws up Character C learning about what happened.

The characters already know about XYZ because they were there when QRST happened.

And so forth.

For every change you make there are ripples of other changes that have to follow, and consideration must be given to how and where you are going to put things.

I’m facing that in book one of The Other Mages trilogy — I’m torn between D’Laron learning about what happened to Trebor early on or having him not learn about it until a bit later.  (It really makes absolutely no difference to the plot — it would be more of a cosmetic change — but it would make the discovery both more emotional (for D’Laron) and less threatening (for Trebor).  So… decisions, decisions…

And The Academy of the Accord series is full of situations like the ones above, especially considering that it is a 12 book series and changes in one book’s draft causes changes in another book — sometimes in multiple other books.

Ah, well, both the cages and the plots will get worked out eventually — somehow.  I have time for both, especially as my other plans for my days off (switching seasonal clothing) has been put on hold due to unseasonable weather.

Yes.  Even my non-writing life gets edited…


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