A Little Cheese, Please…

to go with the following w(h)ine.

It’s been one of those weeks.  Nothing too major, just a whole lot of little things that added up a big time and energy loss and ended up in a “why do I bother?” sort of mood.

I think all writers probably go through this.  (Well, maybe not the really popular ones, but the rest of us… yeah, I think I’m probably not alone.)

Why do I keep writing?  Does anyone care?  Would anyone miss me if I quit?

The answers to the last one is… “probably not.”

The answer to the second one is…”probably not.”

The answer to the first one is… “Because I love creating stories.”

But that leads to an interesting question along the lines of “If a tree falls in a forest does it still make a noise if there is no one to hear it?”

It’s a bit of a crisis of faith, isn’t it?  If you create stories that no one reads or cares about, why bother?  Why not just give up and keep your stories to yourself, or even avoid the work of typing and just keep them in your head?


It’s just not that simple, is it?

We write — well, I write — for a variety of reasons.

I write because… Because I always have.  I enjoy it.  I even (secretly) enjoy editing. (Sometimes.)

I write because I enjoy creating worlds.  Back when I played D&D, that was my favorite part of being a DM — creating the dungeon and the world.  And even then my characters were pretty well developed — the important NPCs even had back stories.

I write because I have stories to tell and characters to introduce, and I hope that someday one of those stories or characters will touch someone, that a story will strike a chord with them and they will feel less alone for having made friends with the characters whose story it is.

It’s a faint hope, especially in “why bother?” weeks like I’ve had this week, but it is still there, so I keep on keeping on.

For the love of it…

“Just for the love of it,
That’s all the reason you need.
What more could anyone ask?
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Don’t chase rainbows for your pot of gold,
You’ll always have enough,
If you’ll do everything you do
Just for the love.”



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One response to “A Little Cheese, Please…

  1. shegyes

    Last night was one of these nights for me as we. Not just with writing, but life in general. It was a very depressing, downtrodden night, and I found myself wondering why I bother. What made it all worthwhile? I think you’re right. We all have days where we’re down in the dumps. It’s just a matter of pushing through it and persevering.

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