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Camp Ramblings 4-28-14

As of this writing I am less than 5000 words away from my goal of 50,000 words.  (Until the clock ticked past midnight I was on par.)

I’m back to working on Book One – the third possible beginning to Book Three got to the point that it was running into the rest of the book, so I went back to part of what I had planned to be doing.

The good news is that there is a lot more than 5000 words needed to finish Book One – it was a little short on word count but should come out about 100,000 – I think.  (Give or take an edit or two.)

The bad news is that I haven’t touched Book Two.  (But on the other hand I’ll have something to do next camp session.)

I just wish I could shake the feeling that everything that I’m writing is crap that is going to get cut because it doesn’t advance the plot, but as one of my cabin mates said, at least I’m writing.

And as I keep reminding people, “you can’t edit what’s not written” and “you can’t fix up what’s not written down.”

Why is it so hard to listen to your own advice?

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