Sunday Excerpt — April 27, 2014

More from Sanguine, a science fiction novel (still in progress) with elements of semi-paranormal M/M romance.

(I am done with beta readers, and Sanguine is in next-to-final-edit stage, so this is still a work in progress and the following lines may or may not have been hacked and recombined and creatively punctuated to fit into 10 sentences.)

Skipping ahead a bit to start introducing some other characters – and a few bits of Gregor’s past.  In this post, Kaen and Gregor have gone to clean out Gregor’s quarters on the station.  Kaen  has been looking through a photo album while Gregor packs.  Picking up more or less from last week’s snippet – Gregor has flipped to the last image in the photo album.


“This is Sergiu.”

Kaen looked down at a photo of a bearded dark-haired man and a younger version of the man in his arms.  “The two of you?”  

“Taken the day we left Earth.”

Kaen tightened his grip on him. “What happened?” he asked softly, his eyes never leaving the photo:  this, too, was one of his people…

“We were captured.  They… they wanted him to betray his friends on Solovei.    And  then she arrived: a vampire, a Ferrastin.  She knew of our Blood and she tried to get him to join her, to offer his blood to her and he refused. She tried to Compel him and he resisted. She… she had him tortured.  I was forced to watch.  She told me the same things would happen to me unless I… unless I let her… offered her…”






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14 responses to “Sunday Excerpt — April 27, 2014

  1. Reading his horrifying experience raised goose bumps on my arms. Well done!

  2. So Kaen isn’t the only kind of vampire out there . . . that’s terrifying in the best way!

  3. elainecsc2013

    Hmm. Hope you don’t get two comments from me, but my IPad just did something odd… This new vampire seems really bad which makes me wonder if they’ll meet again.

  4. Karen Michelle Nutt

    Horrifying experience. I’m with Elaine. Will they meet this awful vampire again?

  5. 😦 Poor Gregor. I hope he gets some satisfaction/revenge/closure in the end.

  6. siobhanmuir

    Ouch, what a terrible past he has. Great snippet, PT. 🙂

  7. At least Gregor knows what he’s getting into.

  8. Hum, I wonder if he did offer her his blood… that might have saved Sergiu though so probably not.

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