Camp Ramblings 4-21-14

Well, I finally cracked the halfway point, with 25,026 words written.  That means that I still have 24.974 words to go, and need to write an average of 2498 words per day to finish by the end of the month.  (And at my current rate I’ll hit my goal on May 12.)

I’m still going to try, though, especially as I’m on a roll, of sorts.

See, the original plan was to finish Books One and Two of The Other Mages trilogy, but then I realized that 50k wouldn’t be enough to finish both books, so the plan became to finish Book One and use any extra time (and words) to continue Book Two.

Both plans seem to have amused my muse, however, because early this morning I had a burst of inspiration for… Book Three.

I’d be more upset by this seeming disobedience if said burst of inspiration didn’t also solve a huge logic problem at the start of Book Three. (It does come with a few logic problems of its own, but they are a lot less troublesome – and more easily fixable – than the one that was already there.)

I do feel rather like I’m cheating, though.  I really wanted to get Books One and Two finished this month.  On the other hand, at least I am writing, and it is the same series…

And there’s always next camp….


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