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Camp Ramblings 4-11-14


Sometimes, that’s what it takes.

The deal was that if I got to 10k by the end of the day yesterday I could look at some of the sites that sell rat cage accessories (hammocks, etc) with proceeds going to rat rescue groups.  (And knowing me, as I look I’ll make a wish list.)

And if I hit 15k by the end of the day today I can order something.  (Depending on how my checking account looks after bills, of course…)

So, did it work?  Well…

I wrote 3484 words yesterday, bringing my monthly total to just over 10k. I’m still over 6,000 words behind where I need to be, but I seem to be back on track now and I’m hoping to hit 15k before today is over.

(I work the next four days so writing will be at a minimum, but I’m still hoping to hold to about a thousand words a day so I don’t fall too much further behind.)

But the really good news is that I do seem to be back on track.  The story is rolling and unfolding, and although I’m not quite sure where it’s going, at least it’s going somewhere.

I may need to cut out a large part of what I’m currently writing, but then, an unexpected gem of inspiration might pop out of it, rather like the vision that I was expecting to happen.

And I’m leaving myself the usual notes to make sure that previous conversations happened, and to show not tell – but I’m letting myself tell for now just so I can get on with the story.

In short, I’m enjoying the process again.

And that’s all that matters, right?


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